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This is great fun. Basically a adjustable length monopod that comes with an adjustable smartphone holder. Pop in your camera, enable the front camera, set the countdown timer and pose! Works just as well with video!

And since it also has a standard tripod mount, you can attach any camera including our Drift action cameras. Perfect for skiing and snowboarding!

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The black Selfie Pod is perfect for taking great pictures of yourself and your friends without the need for a camera person. Whether you’re traveling, sightseeing, on a night out, at a festival or simply taking a selfie, the black Selfie Stick is perfect. It comes with an adjustable clip which fits most smart phones, including the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, as well as the Samsung Galaxy phones. The Selfie Pole extends to 93cm, meaning you can really capture a huge group, or an amazing background.

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