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These drones are so easy to fly, and the quality is stunning.

Also available with optional Skycontroller.

Available in red or white, usually next day.

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The latest Parrot Bebop Drone 2 retains many of the popular features of the classic Parrot product, including a high definition 14 megapixels fisheye camera, with amazing digital 3-axis video stabilisation to get the clearest shot, plus 8GB of internal storage for your precious photographs and video files. The brilliant new Parrot Bebop Drone 2 additionally incorporates a new 2700mAh battery, cleverly built into the streamlined body, that provides a continuous flight time of up to 25 minutes, more than doubling the previous duration.

The new Parrot Bebop 2 weighs a little more than it's predecessor at around 500 grams, but is still remarkably lightweight for a leisure Drone with a professional specification. Capable of improved performance, incorporating four powerful brushless motors fitted with slightly larger propellers to provide additional thrust, the Bebop 2 can climb vertically upwards at 13 mph and fly forward faster at up to 37 mph, allowing the Drone to cope with headwinds better.

Controlled using a Smartphone or Tablet with a Wi-Fi range of 300 metres, the Bebop Drone 2 can also be piloted using the exclusive new black Parrot Special Edition Skycontroller, if you prefer. Providing a more precise response by using its two conventional control sticks, the piloting device is fixed on a shelf that will accommodate the vast majority of Smartphones and Tablets available on the market. The Skycontroller can operate the Bebop 2 with or without a Tablet, and extends the Wi-Fi range up to 2 kilometres (1.2 miles), subject to local regulations.

Furthermore, for extreme sensations you can connect a virtual reality headset to your Skycontroller, provided it's HDMI compatible, to give you a 'First Person View' from the Drone’s camera, as seen from the cockpit. The pilot can still use the Skycontroller to adjust the position of the camera, independent from the Drones movements. The combination of numerous sensors provides impressive stability, plus great manoeuvrability when flown with the Skycontroller, a Smartphone or Tablet.

Designed with safety in mind, the Parrot Bebop Drone 2's lightweight reinforced structure makes it robust and safe. In case of accidental contact, all four propellers stop automatically, additionally an Emergency Mode enables you to land the drone immediately, whilst a GPS Return Home function brings the Drone back to its take off point easily. Always connected, the Parrot Bebop Drone 2 photo and video stream is synchronised in real time on your Smartphone or Tablet, so share your best shots instantly on your favourite social networks, like YouTube and Facebook.

Download a free piloting application FreeFlight 3 for controlling the Bebop Drone 2, that is suitable for both iOS and Android Smartphones and Tablets. The application has been specially developed to offer ease of use, and let the pilot focus on the pleasure of flying. On the Welcome Screen, the pilot can easily access the following functions: Piloting, Photos/Videos, Flight Plan and the Pilot Academy. Simply complete the user settings for Altitude, Speed, Piloting Mode, Accelerometer and Virtual Joystick. The FreeFlight app also includes fun features such as a One Touch Flip!

Plan your flights on your Smartphone or Tablet by touching waypoints on your screen, and let the Drone do the rest. In addition to increasing the stability in high altitude, the GPS facility allows autonomous flights, and the Drone automatically returns to the take off position. Replay your flights modelled in 3D on the Pilot Academy Map, together with the altitude and speed, plus all the recorded data. Choose your favourite Parrot Bebop Drone 2 from red or white colour schemes, together with the optional black Skycontroller.

WARRANTY: A 12 month Parrot warranty provides cover for defective parts and workmanship, subject to proof of purchase, but clearly does not include damage in use. A full range of spare parts are available separately, but always purchase genuine Parrot replacement parts, as the substitution of alternative batteries or spares will invalidate the manufacturers warranty. Parrot Technical Support can offer advice, or assistance following a serious accident. Complete an online submission on the Parrot website.


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