OSO Push NFC Mount Holder for Smartphones

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Osomount Push Mount – One Touch In Car Holder with Built-In NFC

The Osomount Push In Car Mount has been designed to make the mounting process even easier and quicker. With the unique one-touch mechanism, all you have to do is press your phone into the arms of the Push Mount for it to grip it.
After choosing the convenient place to attach the mount to – may this be your car dashboard, windscreen, computer desk or worktop – simply pull the lever down at the back of the mount to apply the suction. The mount is then securely attached to the surface and the mount is ready to use.


 Built-in NFC Chip

The basic understanding is that a NFC Tag (built into our car holder) can store and transfer information to NFC enabled devices (most smartphones (not iPhone currently)). The content of the information transmitted can be pre-set by the user.

You can program the Push Mount to open a specific app on your smartphone - like the sat nav or music – just as you insert it into the holder! If you’re using the holder at home or office, you can set it to open your emails or connect to a certain WiFi network. The NFC tag is installed inside the holder, so once you receive it, you can set the NFC chip to whatever is best for you. You can change the functions at any time as well. Here is a quick overview of how to set your tag:

1. Download the NFC Tools app from the Play Store, or just click here.

2. Make sure your NFC is enabled in Settings.

3. Open the app on your smartphone and go to the “READ” tab.

4. Touch your smartphone to the holder – you should receive a confirmation that the NFC tag has been detected and the tag info will appear on your screen.

5. Go to the “WRITE” tab and select the features you want the mount to open.

6. Touch your smartphone to the mount again. You should get a confirmation that the tag has been programmed.

7. Quit the app. Your mount is now ready to use.

8. Make sure your phone is unlocked and the NFC is enabled and the next time you mount your phone, the selected applications will open.

If you have any issues using the NFC or need some extra advice. Feel free to send us an email or call us.

Suction Cup

Osomount’s patented suction cup is what makes our in car mounts stand out from the crowd. The sticky gel material is re-usable over and over again – if it becomes dirty, simply wash it under cold water and leave to dry and the stickiness of the suction cup will be rejenuvated. It also allows you to attach the mount to surfaces a normal suction cup would not stick to, such as car dashboards. On completely flat surfaces such as a car windscreen or most computer desks, the sticky gel enhances the strength of the suction cup making it rock solid and ensuring your phone is held securely. We suggest cleaning the surface of the dashboard prior to installing the mount the first time around and to remove it and wash the suction cup once a month, to ensure the suction is at it’s best.

Easy One Touch Mechanism

The Osomount Push uses a unique technology to grip your mobile phone – as you insert your phone into the holder, the pressure button in the centre of the holder detects the phone and closes the arms to grip your mobile phone tightly. This is a new, effortless and efficient way to insert your smartphone into a car holder. When you program your NFC chip inside the holder, it will also automatically launch your pre-set applications, preparing you for the drive ahead.

To remove the smartphone from the holder, simply press the “Push” button on the back of the cradle and the arms will widen to release your phone.


Flexible Ball Joint

The flexible joint allows turning the head 360 degrees as well as being able to point the head in any direction. This means you can position your device horizontally, vertically or even diagonally and point it towards yourself when you are using the phone as a GPS, or twist the head and point the device towards your passenger to watch a movie while you are driving. Once your phone is in the right position, tighten the ball joint to secure it and prevent any further unwanted movement.



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