Griffin Slap for iPod Nano in Black

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Remember the slap bracelet? Remember how much fun it was? Griffin have brought the fun back for your iPod Nano.

They've wrapped a memory-metal wristband with soft silky silicone. Slap's flexible, spring-steel band lies flat and rigid until you slap! it onto your arm. Snap Slap open, then snap Slap shut around your wrist. (Say that 10 times real fast.) The Slap band self-adjusts to a comfortable fit, exactly your size.

For your iPod, it comes equipped with a generous frame of silicone that holds your iPod securely and shrugs off bumps and jolts. Slap protects the dock connector and volume controls but leaves the headphone port open so you can plug in and listen any time. Speaking of time, you can press the Sleep/Wake button through the frame to check the time or control iTunes. The watch face display of your iPod nano turns Slap into a fun, handy classic timepiece.

Your iPod nano plus our Slap wristband case — together they create the most useful and entertaining wristwatch your arm has ever seen.

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