Fenix FD40 1000 Lumens Focusing Torch

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FD40 is the first of a new range of premium Fenix LED focusing torches. It delivers 1000 lumens of ultra-bright white light into an incredibly smooth beam, focusable from spot to flood with a twist of the torch head. The latest Cree XP-L HI LED and advanced optics provide excellent performance with a beam distance of 300 metres. Fenix FD40 is compatible with both 18650 (reducing adaptor supplied) and 26650 Li-ion batteries. Rugged construction and waterproofing to 2 metres depth add long term durability whilst the built-in tripod socked enables convenient hands free mounting.

The flashlight is operated by a single stainless steel switch which features a lockout function to guard against accidental operation and selects from 5 brightness levels plus strobe.

Fenix FD40 torch performance:

26650 battery:

Turbo: 1000 lumens (2h 25 min), High: 570 lumens (5h 5 min), Mid: 220 lumens (14 h 40 min), Low: 70 lumens (49h 45 min), Eco: 8 lumens (308h), Strobe: 570 lumens

18650 battery:

Turbo: 1000 lumens (1h 45 min), High: 570 lumens (3h 30 min), Mid: 220 lumens (9 h 25 min), Low: 70 lumens (28h 35 min), Eco: 8 lumens (218h), Strobe: 570 lumens

A step-down function reduces output from 1000 to 570 lumens after 3 minutes to prevent over heating and Turbo output is available again after 1 minute. At tight focus the advanced optics deliver a combined 7.5 degree far reaching beam and 40 degree flood beam (illuminates surroundings) for maximum safety in very dark conditions. Maximum flood beam angle is 78 degrees which smoothly illuminates a wide area.

Impact resistant to 1 metre and waterproof to 2 metres, Fenix FD40 is proofed against harsh conditions.

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