Fenix E15 2016 450 Lumens Powerful Keyring LED Torch

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This is the current Fenix torch to get pride and place on my keyring! Just small enough, and more powerful than torches many times its diminutive size!

Manufacter's details

Fenix E15 2016 is a high output keychain sized LED flashlight featuring 4 brightness levels up to a maximum output of 450 lumens when using a rechargeable CR123 battery (16340) or 270 lumens with a non rechargeable CR123A lithium battery.

The twist head switch is designed for easy operation with one hand whilst the total reflection lens mounted in front of a Cree XP-G2 R5 LED gives the light a great balance of useful throw and flood lighting. The 450 lumen beam (16340 battery) reaches out to an impressive 132 metres.

Fenix E15 2016 features an intelligent circuit with overheat protection which downshifts output from 450 to 270 lumens after 5 minutes to ensure your E15 will last many years. Weighing only 29 grams excluding battery and measuring just 68.4 mm in length, Fenix E15 2016 is a pocket powerhouse you'll want to carry with you everywhere.

Fenix E15 2016 performance:

16340 Li-ion rechargeable:
Low: 8 lumens (40h), Mid: 50 lumens (9h 25 min), High: 110 lumens (3h 15 min), Turbo: 450 lumens (55 min accumulated)

Low: 8 lumens (72h), Mid: 50 lumens (12h 30 min), High: 110 lumens (5h 5 min), Turbo: 270 lumens (1h 35 min)

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