Aquapac Waterproof Headphones (916)

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A great addition to the Aquapac range, these waterproof headphones can be used with our Aquapac Waterproof MP3 Case to listen to your music swimming, or just for listening to your music in heavy rain!

Manufacturer's details

You’re a little bit phased by the fact that as you bob your head underwater, the dulcet tones of Elvis Presley don’t skip a beat, don’t change in pitch and don’t burble away like you would have expected them to. Elvis hasn’t left the building… but you have, because you’re in the pool with your music and it’s as good as it would be in the comfort of your own kitchen. Of course, if Elvis was in your kitchen, he’d probably be too busy eating to sing.


  •  Made with a standard 3.5mm plug
  •  Great sound above and below the waterline
  •  Tested to a depth of 10m/30ft - but not suitable for use at depths greater than 10ft/3m where pressure may cause hearing damage
  •  Recommended for use with Aquapac MP3 Player case
  • Supplied with:

  •  Headphone Buoy - to store your headphone when not in use
  •  Extra pair of earbuds
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